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 Strategic plan

Open Days for the 30th Anniversary of the Sappers of Navy on 23 and 24 June 2007

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:43
  • Version imprimable


“6eme Regiment du Genie” is an integral part of the life of Angers (Anjou, France) for approximately one century and supported its population during dark moments. So the opening of doors of the regiment to the civilians is natural.

The Open Days are intended for the persons living in Angers and its suburb, whatever their knowledge of the military environment. Their aim is to transmit the image of a professional regiment turned to the inhabitants of its city.

“Strategic planning is making choices. It is a process designed to support leaders in being intentional about their goals and methods. Simply stated, strategic planning is a management tool, and like any management tool, it is used for one purpose only - to help an organization do a better job.”

(Michael Allison, 2005, pp.23)

Indeed, the strategic plan allows encircling the various parameters of the environment of an organization, to define the target of the project and to create tools and messages adapted to these expectations. This work of preparation allows to avoid traps and to respect a clear procedure which will conclude by a successful event. Leadership guru Warren Bennis writes in his book, On Becoming a Leader: “Managers are people who do things right and leaders are people who do the right thing.” The strategic plan is as well as a tool of leadership than a tool of management. It allows setting up the good means in the good schedule and in the best way.


Through this event, 6RG has for objective to:

  • To show it: so that the population knows where the regiment is situated. It is important that 6RG is not forgotten and it is present in its city.
  • To be known and recognized: it is essential that the population made the difference between 6RG and an other army institute based on Angers. For several years, “6eme Regiment du Genie” is identified by the term “Sapeur de Marine” (Sappers of Navy). It is a way of acquiring an identity and of differing from the other regiments. This name is not gone into the customs that is why Open Days contribute to its memorization.
  • To be liked and facilitated the recruitment. Open Days are going to give a less formal and distant image, and to allow the citizens to discover Sapper of Navy's profession.

The definition of objectives is an inescapable stage during the drafting of the strategic plan. Indeed, targets, tools, media are chosen to achieve objectives. It is important to never forget the purpose of the event and Broom and Dozier (1990, pp. 44) assert that an objective "must specify a) the target public to be affected, b) the nature of the intended change, c) the specific, knowledge, attitude or behaviour to be achieved, d) the amount of change desired and e) a target date for achieving the objective"

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 The Democratic Process

The involvement of the media in the Democratic Process

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:43
  • Version imprimable

The media plays an increasingly important role in the lives of citizens and provide them with entertainment, education and openness to the world around them. But this has not always been so. Indeed, the media has followed and used the technological revolution. Its place in democracy began to be important from 1945. This analysis of the evolution of means of communication between 1947 and our time analyses the abundance of information available to citizens in their daily lives. From this analysis follows logically the issue of the function or role of the media in people's daily lives and the democratic process. But we must not think that the media and therefore journalists remain passive in their approach. Indeed, they are also actors in the public sphere in several ways.

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 Internal Communication

How effective management of communication contributes to improved strategic decision making

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:42
  • Version imprimable

Even if the management was always a part of soldier's profession, nowadays, officers of the army have to face a new necessity: the management of communication. Indeed, the choice of the tools of communication and their management has a fundamental importance on the efficiency of the internal communication. In the first place, this essay show how actual management of communication contributes to improved strategic decision making, here I have focused on the various actors of the internal communication and their role. Secondly, I explain how the management of communication permits to improve the functioning of the organization and to affect the objectives fixed by the organization. To finish, I look at why a good management of communication optimizes policy delivery.

As for any initiative of communication, the implementation of a policy of internal communication has to be an integral part of the strategy global of the organization.
The employees are the soul of the organization; they are legs while the board of directors is the brain. That is why it is necessary to optimize the internal communication and to use it as the nerve centre of all the organization. To demonstrate the efficiency of a good management of communication on the internal communication, "6eme Regiment du Genie" opens us the doors of its department of communication.

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 Connected Marketing

What is the influence of connected marketing on citizen’s behaviour within the public sector?

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:40
  • Version imprimable

“A man interrupted during a session of sadomasochism takes refuge on a Parisian balcony in peak hour”. The lastest news immortalized by the people’s magazine Shock? No, not really! It is the new campaign signed by Renauld and entitled “The Balcony” which, when spread on the Internet have allowed the brand to realize an attractive blow. Within four weeks: 20 000 e-mails sent from the base Renault have been enough to generate 105 000 visits on the site, «to trap» 45 000 persons and to enrich the data base of the brand by 23 000 prospects! This achievement has been made possible via the connected marketing. A technique, since the succession of Web 2.0 and blogs, was renamed buzz and viral marketing. In fact, firms understood for a long time that the rumour could have a destructive power. They mastered it and used it as an asset to launch a new product, improve their image, change mentality or block their competitors. That is why today, the various actors of the government turn their strategy to the connected marketing to touch a population less and less susceptible in the public communication. Indeed, these actors follow the way of marketers and develop their image more and more as well as their proposition like commercial strategy.
This practice of the connected marketing developed especially during the last presidential elections in France. Indeed, all the candidates had posted on their writing desk or on the backcloth for the speeches (which also resumed logos and colours of the party), the name of the referring site, the official site of the candidate. It could seem anecdotal but the practice remains very recent and supposes that the team of presidential campaign wants to widen their radiuses of action and their possibility of affecting new public. The connected marketing has its own part in this new mode of communication.

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 Stratégie de communication

Portes ouvertes pour le 30ème anniversaire des Sapeurs de Marine du 23 au 24 juin 2007

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:35
  • Version imprimable

Le 6e régiment du génie fait partie intégrante de la vie de la ville d’Angers depuis plus d’un siècle et a soutenu ses habitants pendant les moments difficiles. L’ouverture des portes du Régiment aux civils est donc naturelle.

Les portes ouvertes sont destinées aux personnes habitant Angers et sa périphérie, quelle que soit leur connaissance du milieu militaire.

Ces portes ouvertes ont pour but de véhiculer l’image d’un régiment professionnel ouvert aux habitants de sa ville.

Au travers de cet événement, le 6e Régiment du Génie a pour objectif de:

  • Se faire voir : afin que les angevins sachent où est situé la caserne. Il est aussi important que le 6e régiment du génie ne soit pas oublié et qu’il soit présent dans sa ville.
  • Se faire connaître et reconnaître : il est primordial que les angevins fassent la différence entre le 6e régiment du génie et l’école du génie. Depuis plusieurs années, le 6e régiment s’identifie par la nomination « Sapeurs de marine ». C’est une façon d’acquérir une identité propre et de se différencier des autres régiments. Cette dénomination n’est pas encore bien rentrée dans les habitudes, c’est pourquoi les journées portes ouvertes contribueront à sa mémorisation.
  • Se faire aimer et favoriser le recrutement. Les portes ouvertes vont donner une image moins formelle et distante, et permettre aux citoyens de découvrir le métier de Sapeur de Marine
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 Sponsoring Sportif

Le sponsoring sportif est-il toujours un bon moyen de communication pour les entreprises ?

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:32
  • Version imprimable

Et si votre ambassadeur était Zinedine Zidane, Frédéric Michalak ou Amélie Mauresmo.

La moitié de la population française de plus de 15 ans pratique un sport. Dès le plus jeune âge, l’activité physique entre dans l’éducation des Français, que se soit à l’école ou dans des clubs. Autre que les effets bénéfiques du sport sur la santé et le développement personnel, le soutien d’un club ou d’une équipe permet d’adhérer à un groupe et à ses valeurs. Beaucoup de spectateurs vivent par procuration la réussite de leur équipe. Le sport permet aux faibles et aux défavorisés d’avoir une chance de prendre le dessus.
Les événements sportifs sont des opportunités que les entreprises ne peuvent pas ignorer. A l’heure où les consommateurs attendent une relation personnelle avec les entreprises, il est essentiel que celles-ci acquièrent une image propre pour se différencier de leurs concurrents. Les supporters d’une équipe sont aussi les clients et c’est pourquoi l’entreprise doit associer son image à celle des sportifs aimés par sa cible de consommateurs. Mais attention, lorsqu’une entreprise sponsorise une équipe ou un sportif, elle se doit d’incarner les valeurs que ces derniers véhiculent. «Le meilleur moyen d’acquérir une bonne réputation est de s’efforcer d’être ce qu’on désire paraître» (Socrate).

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