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 Connected Marketing

What is the influence of connected marketing on citizen’s behaviour within the public sector?

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:40
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“A man interrupted during a session of sadomasochism takes refuge on a Parisian balcony in peak hour”. The lastest news immortalized by the people’s magazine Shock? No, not really! It is the new campaign signed by Renauld and entitled “The Balcony” which, when spread on the Internet have allowed the brand to realize an attractive blow. Within four weeks: 20 000 e-mails sent from the base Renault have been enough to generate 105 000 visits on the site, «to trap» 45 000 persons and to enrich the data base of the brand by 23 000 prospects! This achievement has been made possible via the connected marketing. A technique, since the succession of Web 2.0 and blogs, was renamed buzz and viral marketing. In fact, firms understood for a long time that the rumour could have a destructive power. They mastered it and used it as an asset to launch a new product, improve their image, change mentality or block their competitors. That is why today, the various actors of the government turn their strategy to the connected marketing to touch a population less and less susceptible in the public communication. Indeed, these actors follow the way of marketers and develop their image more and more as well as their proposition like commercial strategy.
This practice of the connected marketing developed especially during the last presidential elections in France. Indeed, all the candidates had posted on their writing desk or on the backcloth for the speeches (which also resumed logos and colours of the party), the name of the referring site, the official site of the candidate. It could seem anecdotal but the practice remains very recent and supposes that the team of presidential campaign wants to widen their radiuses of action and their possibility of affecting new public. The connected marketing has its own part in this new mode of communication.

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  • 10/06/2009