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 Internal Communication

How effective management of communication contributes to improved strategic decision making

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:42
  • Version imprimable

Even if the management was always a part of soldier's profession, nowadays, officers of the army have to face a new necessity: the management of communication. Indeed, the choice of the tools of communication and their management has a fundamental importance on the efficiency of the internal communication. In the first place, this essay show how actual management of communication contributes to improved strategic decision making, here I have focused on the various actors of the internal communication and their role. Secondly, I explain how the management of communication permits to improve the functioning of the organization and to affect the objectives fixed by the organization. To finish, I look at why a good management of communication optimizes policy delivery.

As for any initiative of communication, the implementation of a policy of internal communication has to be an integral part of the strategy global of the organization.
The employees are the soul of the organization; they are legs while the board of directors is the brain. That is why it is necessary to optimize the internal communication and to use it as the nerve centre of all the organization. To demonstrate the efficiency of a good management of communication on the internal communication, "6eme Regiment du Genie" opens us the doors of its department of communication.

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