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 The Democratic Process

The involvement of the media in the Democratic Process

  • kurumae
  • Dimanche 21/09/2008
  • 13:43
  • Version imprimable

The media plays an increasingly important role in the lives of citizens and provide them with entertainment, education and openness to the world around them. But this has not always been so. Indeed, the media has followed and used the technological revolution. Its place in democracy began to be important from 1945. This analysis of the evolution of means of communication between 1947 and our time analyses the abundance of information available to citizens in their daily lives. From this analysis follows logically the issue of the function or role of the media in people's daily lives and the democratic process. But we must not think that the media and therefore journalists remain passive in their approach. Indeed, they are also actors in the public sphere in several ways.

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  • 10/06/2009