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 The RSI of Normandy


     The 6th edition of the RSI of Normandy is the unique opportunity for SME and the TPE to get information about the technological projections in communication. Indeed, the environment of the living room is favourable with listening and the training, in particular thanks to the stands and the workshops.
     Indeed, all the elements are joined together so that the professional profit at best of this day of meeting. First of all, a site of 1220 m2 makes it possible to 33 partners to meet to make discover their solutions Internet. It is a very good occasion for them to make known themselves and to meet companies, which are receptive with the offers and the training. Side of SME and TPE, they find in the same place the explanations to their problems and the corresponding offer. Indeed, the professionals are invited to take part in workshops in small numbers on the principle of a set of answers questions. They can thus be expressed and raise the questions about a precise topic. These meetings are rich in information, but which can be a little too technical for the uninitiated persons. In order to make alive this exchange, about the speakers, often 3, speak about their own experiment. The workshops are divided into 4 specialities with each one 3 conferences: innovations (Very high flow, 3G, EDGE), the technical cycle (convergence IP, safety network, safety network (a)), the cycle directing (productivity, commercial effectiveness, E-marketing). During the workshops, the stands of the exhibitors take the appearance of business appointment where the best specialists in the Manitobans of solution Internet meet into private, during fifteen minutes, professionals. But except private maintenance, the stands are opened with any interested public. The exhibitors set up animations, thanks to portable PC or televisions large screen, and panels in order to as much as possible attract the?il and consequently the customer. It is also a good way of showing what one can do. The professionals can also carry the plates and of the commercial objects to study the solutions with rested head.
     After this presentation, let us see more in detail the conferences in they-even. Indeed, our class had chosen the workshops of the leading cycle. But first of all, the day started with a plenary conference of 105 min so that the professionals prepare with the main trends of these two next years. Indeed, of the heads of undertakings having drawn profit from the technological solutions and about IF speak about their experiment and their opinion. This conference aimed at the control of 7 technologies which answer stakes 2005-2006 of the companies and the administrations. First of all, it is important to make reliable its IF or information system, so that data is always at days and usable by all at the time or one need has some. This one is composed of the ERP, the CRM and SCM. And even if these 3 concepts develops more and more in the large companies, SME seem to hesitate to launch out in this unknown ground. To cure this problem one would not have to equip the companies compared to a horizontal but vertical scale and thus to be attacked directly with the trades. Another important point is convergence. Indeed, it is essential to make converge itself information under several supports like the video, the sound and the voice in a single channel. It is thus easier to make safe Si and to put it at the center of the company. This technology is accessible as much by its simplicity that by its cost. Moreover, the vocation of a manager being to make work men and women sets, Si is ideal to ensure the cohesion of a team is even the partners of a company thanks to the proccess of externalisation and collaborative management. Si also makes it possible to rock its environment telecom in full IP (Internet protocol), i.e. to use only Internet for all that relates to communication, transfer of documents... That makes it possible to have a total mobility and to reach the internal and external networks of the company when one wants and where one wants. This method makes it possible to dematerialize its proccess like that of the purchases, accountancy or human resources and thus to reduce its costs. But this is not possible that if the leader really implies himself in a real project of company. It is absolutely necessary to place the Man in the center of the organization so that the professionals adapt as quickly as possible to the market trends of technologies of the communication and information. For that, the installation of forums and the use of Ipod would make it possible to reinforce the bond between the men and the women. However, a formation with the TIC is essential. Indeed, the company owes surfer with the boom of the electronic trade. Internet A conquered a large audience thanks to the mouth with ear and the training of the hearth thanks to the children. One can note, for example, that E-tourism increased by 58% since 2000.
     After this conference, the first workshop set of themes treated ERP and collective work. Indeed, the ERP is a software package of management and a collective working tool. It makes it possible, when it is well set up, to manage the company and to reduce the costs. This software package in the beginning was used in the sector of industry. For integrating the ERP in SME well, it is necessary that the various speakers communicate and validate the project and the functions together. Because the ERP can be adapted to the company thanks to options and modules, but it is the direction, so called the sponsor, who is the final decision maker. Knowing that the most widespread modules are the general ledger, the cost accounting, the management of production, the GRC and commercial management. Moreover, it is created starting from a very strict schedule of conditions and the speakers must take care not to deviate from the laid down objectives. It is necessary at all costs to avoid the cultural shock, in order to facilitate its integration, because for the users, it is necessary to relearn a way of working, this is why the tool must be simple to use. The installation of the ERP requires, on average 2 months of preparation and approximately 6 months of installation. Once set up well, the ERP makes it possible to work in close collaboration with its partners and the relation with the customer is more reactive, it avoids also seized again information and thus the errors and it increases the productivity and quality in the management of the orders and the invoices.
     To continue our training of the Tic, we will speak about the CRM which makes it possible to dope the productivity of the commercial teams thanks to a powerful information processing system. It is important to set up a CRM (Customer Managment Relation) but one should not lose sight of the fact that it is not absolutely necessary of one tool and that the relation customers is not summarized with that. Today, the offer is so important that the companies misent on the development of consumer loyalty. The customers are sensitive to the history of the actions and the information which they carried out within a company. This is why a software recalling all these data is important to have the maximum of information in a minimum time. Moreover, the CRM makes it possible to better make profitable the time of commercial while making the tasks of back offices automatic, thus, the commercial one does not have to move more to qualify a prospective customer. Moreover, one can still dope the effectiveness of the CRM by coupling a software package multi channel with the sales department. For that, it is necessary to adapt the functions of the software package to the way of working of the company. What requires a strong implication of the direction and an explanation of the strategy of the CRM, i.e.: to put the customer at the c?ur company, with the users so that the CRM is not centralized with the engineering department. The principal causes of failure of this installation are the lack of time and nonthe control of the evolution of schedule of conditions.
     All these new software packages make it possible to better organize the company, in particular the GRC, but the company should not forget to build its notoriety and there too the TIC became essential. A company cannot neglect its Web site. It must take care that it is visible, and thus it must improve its referencing constantly. For that, it must hold account of ten councils to optimize it. First of all, it must have interesting contents like any support. It must connect its site towards others thanks to external bonds of quality and thus increase its cyber environment. It must also have titles hookers and easily identifying the contents of the article and an address of site announcing of entered is activity so that the Net surfer identifies the site immediately and that it is more chance to type the address correctly. It can also increase its referencing while fitting in the large directories and by limiting the frames. In addition to the form and the bottom of the site, this one must function impeccably thanks to an interconnection between the pages, a regular update and to be always available. These elements are essential to reassure the Net surfer of serious site. And well on, the site must always comprise text.


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  • 10/06/2009